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University Village


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to apply for housing in University Village?

Download a housing application here. You will also need to submit a $260-security deposit, so you can either mail a check along with your application, or bring the application in person to pay with cash. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we currently cannot accept credit card payments.

What kind of contracts do you offer?

We offer two types of housing contracts. The majority of our students have a full year contract (12 months).

When can I move in?

Move in typically happens the weekend prior to classes starting (August). Contact the main office at (402) 554-6600 for questions about times, directions, etc… All residents will be mailed detailed information in the summer.


Can I move in early?

No. We ask that you adhere to the dates as outlined in your move-in information packet, which will be mailed in the summer. If you have special needs, please contact University Village at (402) 554-8555 to make arrangements.   Sometimes, we can assist with early arrivals; however, we do apply an early arrival fee. 

When will I know my room and roommate assignment?

All room assignments and roommate information will be mailed mid July.


Can I request roommates?

You need to indicate your roommate requests when you fill out the UNO housing application. All roommate requests must match or we will be unable to grant your request. Once rooms have been assigned you will not be able to make roommate request changes.

* Please keep in mind that while we try to honor your roommate and room requests, we cannot guarantee all requests.

Tips to increase the chances of getting the roommates you requested.

What are the housing rates for University Village and when is it due?

12-month housing contract – August 2011-July 2012: $509.00 per month (includes all utilities)*

Payment due dates vary according to the type of housing payment plan you selected. Please review your contract for details.

How can I pay for housing?

You can mail a check to Att.: Denise - 6506 University Drive South, Omaha, NE 68182, or drop off a payment via cash or check at the University Village clubhouse front desk. Credit card payments can also be done at our office or online. We cannot take credit card payments over the phone.


Will I be sent a billing statement?

Billing statements are NOT mailed out. Please keep a copy of your contract agreement. We will send the student reminder e-mails, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to submit your payments by their due date.

What happens if my roommates do not pay their rent?

Housing contracts are individual, so you will not be held responsible for your roommates’ rents – you will only owe your portion of the rent.


How do I add money to my MavCard?

Funds can be added to the account in person at the MavCard Services Office in the second floor of the Milo Bail Student Center during regular business hours (Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM). Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. Cash only can be added to the account at one of our four MavCard Centers on campus:

  1. Milo Bail Student Center - 1st Floor South Entrance
  2. Arts & Sciences Hall - 1st Floor vending area
  3. Peter Kiewit Institute - 1st Floor (north vending area)
  4. University Library - Main Floor

We also have a website for making deposits, checking history, etc. Our website is called MavCard On-line and can be accessed at: (This website is also printed on the back of all MavCards)


What will my mailing address be?

6506 University Drive South
Unit ____, University Village
Omaha, NE 68182

(You will receive your unit number at check in)

Where do I get my mail and packages?


Mailboxes are located in the University Village Clubhouse. Residents receiving packages will have a package slip in their mailbox and can pick up their package at the University Village office.


May I have visitors?


Certainly, but YOU are responsible for their behavior. Overnight guests are welcome as long as all roommates agree and the guest is not living there regularly. Please refer to the policy for guests in the community policy booklet.


Is University Village a non-smoking facility?

Residents are not allowed to smoke inside their suites, but smoking is permitted 100 feet away from each building.


What will I need to hook up my computer?


Internet is provided via Cox Cable through the cable line. All you will need is an Internet-ready computer and an Ethernet cord. We will sell Ethernet cords at check-in for $5.00.


I'm having problems getting to the internet. What do I do?

Cox cable or internet issues (call Cox directly at 402-315-1520)

What size is the mattress?

Extra long twin (36X80) -


As of July 2011

How do I adjust the thermostat?


Refer to signage in your apartment or the community policy booklet with details about the apartment thermostat.


What is provided in the room?

  •  4 private, carpeted bedrooms with twin bed, nightstand, desk, chair and dresser
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • Living room furnished with loveseat, lounge chair, coffee table, side table and 4 dining chairs/stools
  • Full kitchen with major appliances (dishwasher, stove and refrigerator)

Click here to see a floor plan.


I have my own furniture. Can I remove yours?

You may supplement our existing furniture package with personal items and furniture you feel would make your home more comfortable. However, you may NOT remove the furniture provided from the apartment.

What do I need to bring?

 Suggested items to bring: backpack and school / desk items, laundry detergent and basket, toiletries and towels, bed linens and mattress pad, trash bins for your room and kitchen, trash bags, desk lamp, living room lamp, alarm clock, kitchen cookware, silverware and dishes, bike lock if you choose to bring a bike, and telephone if you decide to purchase service. Discuss with roommates who is bringing: T.V., stereo, iron and ironing board, kitchenware and dishes, kitchen towels, cleaning supplies, and shower curtain and hooks.

What should I not bring?

 Items not to bring include: halogen lights, weapons or firearms, fireworks, candles, grills of any kind, nails for the walls, waterbeds, pets (except fish, but no tanks over 10 gallons) and alcoholic beverages.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Contact campus security at (402) 554-2648.

How do I find University Village?

 From Interstate 80, take the 72nd Street exit and go north. Drive approximately 2 miles to Dodge Street and take a right. Then, take a right on 66th Street, go straight to the stop sign and make a left. University Village’s clubhouse will be on the right side.

How do I change my housing assignment from one village to another?

If you would like to consider transferring to another village, you must contact that village in writing or by e-mail prior to May 16th and submit an additional application fee of $60. All requests are not guaranteed. Notification to the student would happen by May 31st.

My roommates and I are different people and we do not really like each other. Can I be released from

Attending college and deciding to live in a student community often means living with a roommate. Roommates may have diverse experiences and may come from different cultures. Our housing staff is trained at helping roommates work through concerns to negotiate resolutions to problems. We will try to relocate you to a different apartment if one is available AFTER you have truly tried to work out your differences with your current roommates. Unfortunately, space is not always available to offer relocation. You cannot be released from your contract with us for not liking your roommates.


Can I tour University Village?

 We do not have daily scheduled tours, but you can view pictures, virtual tour, and more on our website UV Gallery.


Contact our office if you want to schedule a tour - 554-6600.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Contact campus security at (402) 554-2648.